Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nadia Buari Dad Angry Over Sex Video

Nadia Buari and DadAlhaji Sidiku Buari, biological father of sweet actress Nadia Buari, has expressed strong reservations about an attempt to link his daughter to a sex video acted by Roxie West, an American.
“I don’t want to talk about this because the whole thing is under investigations and there are several ways of knowing who is behind this. Just before this incident, someone had asked me to pay an amount of $100,000 and if I did not pay the money, the reputation of my family would be destroyed. There is more to this but putting it in the public domain would not be good for now,” Alhaji Buari told  Us  yesterday.
Nadia, we  gathered, is currently on a business trip outside Ghana.

Sidiku Buari, a renowned movie producer, musician and onetime President of the Musicians Union of Ghana, complained that whoever started the speculation was being very unfair to the entertainment industry in Ghana and Nadia.
“I mean I am now a happy man that the truth has come to light that the lady involved is Roxie West and not my daughter. My daughter can never do such a thing and no Ghanaian celebrity can do that. And to spread stories that my daughter or any other Ghanaian celebrity has done such a thing does not help anyone because we all have a reputation to protect.
“That is why the media should be careful in handling some of these issues. You should have at least tried to get to the bottom of the story before coming out with it, especially when you know what people can do with computer and the internet these days. But I am happy that people did not even believe it and many people called to tell you it could not be possible,” Alhaji Buari added.
Barely a fortnight ago, a 60-second sex-video circulated widely in Ghana and speculations were rife that the lady involved had a striking resemblance with Nadia.
A few internet sites even captioned the video with the actress’ name and this helped in mongering the speculation that has now turned up to be a mischievous prank by some faceless miscreants.We  has tried to contact persons who are believed to have uploaded the video on Facebook and Twitter and but there has been no response from them so far.
Meanwhile, several persons have downloaded the video onto their mobile phones and are circulating it through Bluetooth and BBM.
The video became very popular and sparked controversy that generated fisticuffs, insults, curses and threats in certain circles when some persons who watched it on Facebook and twitter became divided about the identity of the lady involved.
The lady’s identity has however been confirmed as Roxie West alias Bebe Minx, an American professional  star.

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