Sunday, February 24, 2013

Photo - Girl Goes Shopping Without a Braaa

Ladies, is this the latest fashion trend? Guys, do you consider this sexy?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

W.A.H.A.L.A: Goldie`s Family, Police may go after Denrele

The last good glimpse Nigerians had of Goldie was of her photos on the red carpet of the 55th Grammy Awards, where she appeared as a woman full of life. Her death four days later on Valentine’s Day was one hell of a shock for her fans, friends and family.

Her demise evoked a volcano of mixed feeling as many haters took to the social media to further hex the soul of the deceased. In the wake of the Valentine’s Day tragedy, damning reports began to emerge: drugs, hedonism, a little-known marriage, and husband-snatching allegations.
Goldie’s untimely death stirred a storm of controversies that cannot simply be wished away. The big question revolves around her marriage. Before her death, if you’d ask showbiz followers about Goldie’s marital status, two out of three responses would be “single.” CONTINUE READING BELOW..

Omotola Jalade Allegedly Beats Her Husband Mercilessly

Nollywood actress omotola jalade is yet in another serious scandal involving her husband captain mattew ekeinde.
Well news reaching us says the popular Nigeria actress beat her husband blue black after he reportedly try to make a romantic dinner for his wife. 
Things were going well till her husband brought what was supposed to be rice and immediately omotola tasted it she went hulk on him..continue reading below

Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh Kidnapped

The fast rising actress and singer was kidnapped today in her  home. The strange incident happened in the front of her gate. Eye witnesses said a black van drove and stopped right in front of Tonto Dikeh and three gun men emerged and whisked her away.

A Police near by that saw the kidnap go down stood, watched and took no actions but laughed.

After the kidnappers drove off, they left a note on the road and the police picked it up and it read:CONTINUE READING

Video - Dbanj finally proposed to Genevieve Nnaji

Is this another celebrity attention stunt or for real??? If recent reports are to go by, it seems D'banj has finally taken himself off the bachelor market.

Rumor has been going around on the social network that Dbanj has proposed to our own Nollywood darling Genevieve Nnaji in the USA yesterday with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian as witnesses. Susan Peters confirmed this today on her twitter time-line .watch the video below

Awkward!! Girl Completely Ignores Timaya

This girl gave Timaya the coldest shoulder ever!! She completely ignored him like he does not exist. Maybe she is a friend or related to Timaya’s ex boo Empress (Lol).

This was one of the many awkward moments at the BasketMouth hosted African Kings of comedy show held in London.


1. "False Awakening" is the state in which a person dreams that they're waking up, while they are really in deep sleep.
2. A female serial killer in ancient Rome was once punished for her crimes by being raped… by a giraffe.
3. It takes your brain approximately 90 seconds to decide whether or not you like someone.
4. No matter how hard you pinch the extra skin on your elbow, you will not feel pain.
5. The more intelligent a woman is, the less likely she is to be fertile.
6. When a person lies, the temperature of their nose rises -- This is known as the “Pinocchio Effect.”
7. Loving hugs help reduce blood pressure and stress levels - This helps protect us from heart disease.
8. A woman named Norma Stitz holds the record for largest natural breasts. Her bra size is 102ZZZ and each boob weighs about 56 pounds.
9. You are more likely to remember something you’ve written in blue ink than something you’ve written in black ink.
10. Women who play video games tend to have more sex and be happier with their relationships than those who don’t.
11. A black Nigerian couple gave birth

Is it Right for This Actress to Go on Honeymoon With Her Man Before White Wedding?

These days, Nollywood actresses are really breaking records. Information reaching us is that Nse Ikpe Etim, the sexy actress who, on Valentine's day, did a court marriage with her UK-based long time on-off-on lover, Clifford Sule, is now 'enjoying' honeymoon with the man in the US.

The little I know about our tradition is that court weddings are 'mere' formalities which enables either of the parties to official sue for divorce if the need ever arises and still come out with a fair deal.

Nse and Clifford are not traditional married according to native rites...continue reading below

Photo - Soundcity Presenter Moet Pours Out Her Various Endeavours On TV For Olamide

Everyone who saw the display of mammal’s gland frowned at such act on a TV where teenagers glue to every time for their musical updates.

This picture above is exactly how this Soundcity presenter popularly called Moet looked on TV few days