Saturday, February 23, 2013

Is it Right for This Actress to Go on Honeymoon With Her Man Before White Wedding?

These days, Nollywood actresses are really breaking records. Information reaching us is that Nse Ikpe Etim, the sexy actress who, on Valentine's day, did a court marriage with her UK-based long time on-off-on lover, Clifford Sule, is now 'enjoying' honeymoon with the man in the US.

The little I know about our tradition is that court weddings are 'mere' formalities which enables either of the parties to official sue for divorce if the need ever arises and still come out with a fair deal.

Nse and Clifford are not traditional married according to native rites...continue reading below

They've not done their Traditional Marriage. They are yet to be joined together by the pastor(s) of their church and pronounced as husband and wife, as the Bible instructs.

I hear their traditional/white wedding should take place later this year. So, what's the rush for honeymoon? Is it right for a lady to proceed on a honeymoon with a man after they visit the registry? Please those who know more about these stuffs should educate us so that other young people can learn.

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